Programming OOP with C#

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Content of training:


  • Basics of OOP
  • Introduction into .Net Framework
  • Error Handling and Debugging
  • Assemblies and GAC
  • .NET classes, methods and features
  • Inheritance and Polymorphy
  • Events and Delegates
  • Interfaces
  • MDI Forms
  • File system control
  • ADO.NET and Windows Forms
  • Data binding and database access
  • DataReader and DataSet
  • Inline Code and Code Behind
  • Application, Session, ViewState
  • ADO.NET and Web Forms
  • Web Services, XML and SOAP
Supporting material:
The training requires knowledge about programming Windows applications.
3 Days
All training classes take place in the classrooms at SYBERA Holzgerlingen. Additionally SYBERA offers this training at customer side. For further information please contact +49-7031-411-781.

SYBERA GmbH, Hohenzollernstr.2, D-71088 Holzgerlingen, Tel: ++49-7031-744-608 (Fax: -609),